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Bringing Heavy Music to MTB, pt. 3: Anup Sastry, Vilarum, and Failgiver

5 Sep

Welcome back to “Bringing Heavy Music on MTB”! This column features new (and not so new) heavy bands/artists (Hardcore, Metal, etc.) that you should check out! I promise to do more regular updates, and I apologize that I let this slip through the cracks. Anyway, this time I am featuring Anup Sastry, Vilarum, and Failgiver!


Anup Sastry

Mr. Sastry is a drummer and currently plays for Intervals, Jeff Loomis, and Skyharbor. I feel that his rhythmic expertise has led to some interesting work on his solo albums. His latest solo album, Titan, is a tasty load of riffage and interesting polyrhythms. I also recommend, in particular, his work on Ghost (another of his solo albums) and with the band Intervals! 

Find his work at . Also, check out Intervals at .



Vilarum is a band I discovered through’s Recordings Subforum. With excellent use of vocal samples, a barking vocal delivery reminiscent of early Slayer, and pounding Thrash riffs…Stalingrad is excellent. I am a big Thrash fan. This album satisfies all the parts of what I love about Thrash!

Vilarum can be streamed and downloaded at .



Hailing from Edmonton, Alberta, Failgiver’s chaotic hardcore should satisfy fans of Converge, early Norma Jean, and Botch. They mix interesting rhythms with somewhat melodic parts, resulting in a gripping hardcore record. An admirable thing is that all proceeds from downloads of their digital album go  to the Pride Centre of Edmonton. (It’s pay what you wish.)

Download Failgiver at .

Bringing Heavy Music to MTB, pt. 2: Matt Harnett

16 Oct

Welcome back to “Bringing Heavy Music on MTB”! This column features new (and not so new) heavy bands/artists (Hardcore, Metal, etc.) that you should check out! This month’s artist is Matt Harnett, who is a metal guitarist from Knoxville, TN, USA.

Matt's Logo

Brief History:

Matt began this project in mid-2012. He says he has always been a fan of both instrumental guitar (Joe Satriani, Steve Vai) music and progressive metal (Periphery, Dream Theater) and that he really tries to capture elements of both genres in his music — “As well as any other genre I happen to be influenced by any particular day”. However, for the most part, Matt’s music is progressive metal, with major atmospheric elements throughout all his tracks.


“Enigma” by Matt Harnett

Available for name your price at

What I like about his music:
I greatly enjoy that Matt uses clean/ambient guitar parts to add more depth to his music. The fact that it’s not just similar to standard “djent-y” ambient parts in the background — actually adding something to the forefront of the songs — is excellent. The song dynamics range from “balls to the wall” heavy riffage to slow melodic lead parts, all of which enhances the ebb and flow of each song. What’s great is that, since there’s no vocals, the lead guitar often takes the place of vocals in an interesting way.

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Bringing Heavy Music to MTB, pt. 1: In Honor Of

3 Sep

Welcome to “Bringing heavy music to MTB”! This new column on our beloved MTB is meant to feature new bands or bring bands to your attention, with a focus on heavy bands (Hardcore, Metalcore, Metal, etc.) that you should check out! The band featured today is called “In Honor Of”, who are a Metalcore band from Connecticut.



Vocals – Brandon Podlisny
Guitar – Dave Pazik
Guitar/Vocals – Joe DiPalma
Drums – Nabeel Nassar
Bass – Kevin “Flakes” Jacques

Brief history:
In Honor Of are fairly new. The band was founded a year ago by their drummer Nabeel and guitarist Dave.  About 7 months ago, Nabeel and Dave formed a full band with the rest of the guys and released their first single. They recently released their debut EP “Iron Giant” in July.

Since then, they feel as though they have only grown as better musicians. Being such a new band, they had an explosive first show and have only gotten better from there. The band were 2nd in their state in Ernie Ball Battle of the Bands, which is pretty exciting.


In Honor Of's "Iron Giant" EP

In Honor Of’s “Iron Giant” EP

Available for name your price at
What I like About Them:

I’m particularly fond of the way this band uses pianos in their Metalcore compositions and are quite good at adding accompany melody to their heavy riffs. They also make good use of Hardcore-style breakdowns. Melodic choruses round out heavy songs. Truly a treat for the ears of those looking for something new in heavy music!

And that’s it for my first band feature! Look for our more bands to be featured soon!

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